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Happy Hazel

Happy Hazel

Happy Hazel

Happy Hazel

With 11 million subscribers and 3 billion views, it seems like @IamHappyHazel knows how to make everyone happy. Well, everyone except for Hazel. Coming soon to YouTube.


As one of YouTube’s most popular creators, @IAmHappyHazel is always on, and always ready to make someone happy. But when the camera is off, Hazel Rybicki (Sabrina Haskett) is becoming a stranger in her own life. As she falls for the one guy who has never heard of her, the aspiring chef and anti-oversharing Keith from Ohio (Zach Tinker), can Hazel find herself again or will Keith only make things more complicated?

Main cast

Sabrina Haskett

Denise Richards

Tessa brooks

Zach tinker


Directed by

Jared Shores

Written by

James Shores


Terri Pappas

Matt Pittman

Executive Producers

Scott Swofford

Jared Shores


Social media has played a pivotal role in our team’s careers and personal lives. So when writer James Shores had the idea of exploring a more truthful experience of success in the YouTube world, we were immediately hooked. We saw this as a great opportunity to talk about the hidden stresses of content creation and show the mental and emotional impact of how we present ourselves online. Steeped in personal experience, Happy Hazel brings audiences into a world right under their noses.

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