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An Incomplete education

An Incomplete education

An Incomplete education

An Incomplete education

As they search for any other surviving humans, a father tries to teach his daughter humanity’s most important ideas. But she has questions he can’t answer. Watch Now.


In the wake of a viral pandemic, Preston, a professor of physics (Dylan Walsh) travels with his daughter Rachel (Paloma Rabinov) in search of any other surviving humans. To keep his promise to his deceased wife, Preston tries to educate his daughter with hopes of keeping humanity’s best ideas alive. But she has questions he can’t answer.

Main cast

Dylan Walsh

Paloma Rabinov

Season 1

01 Last on Earth? | Ep. 1

02 Impossible Choices | Ep. 2

03 The Confession | Ep. 3

04 Ring of Fire | Ep. 4


Writer, director Scott Swofford set out to tell a story that explores what kind of education would matter in the most extreme of circumstances. In other words, what would be most important to know in a post-apocalyptic world? Would it be the sciences or survival skills? What about the humanities? And what place would faith have in a world with so few people?

The result of this thought experiment is Swofford’s short form drama series about a father trying to teach his daughter the ideas he thinks need to live on in a world where they may be the only two people left alive.


Writer / Director

Scott Swofford


Terri Pappas

Jared Shores

Scott Swofford

Unit Production Manager

Jeff T. Miller


Jeff Tomcho

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